Keith Mckittrick An Excellent Role Model for the Team

There wre times where Keith Mckittrick really don't know what to do to be the best for his team. However, with all of his knowledge he has acquired from his long years of experience, he was able to ascertain efficient ways.The good thing about him is that he never fails to be a good model for the whole team. All players in hockey and other sports do not only remember what an assistant coach teaches but also what he does. Head coaches are not only the person who have a higher standard; all staffs especially assistant coaches should act as good leaders in the community and the school just like Keith Mckittrick. As much as possible, he shows good moral and right conduct to all the members of the team so that they will acquire the same thing as well. They will possess good discipline as possible.

Another thing that makes Keith Mckittrick a good assistant coach is that he never fail to tell everybody his expectation towards the team. When he is at the side of the team, he makes certain that all of his expectations are being communicated so that the players will be able to achieve all of those things. They will have a clear goal in mind and do the best way as possible in order to accomplish it. What is good than having a team like them who appreciate and value their coaches as they understand they do these things just for the sake of every player of the team. Plus, they will be trained in order to work really hard for what they want to achieve, which will aid them surpass all the things that might hinder them in the long run.

Next to that, Keith Mckittrick builds a positive and good rapport with all members of the team. Creating a good relationship in every member of the team, from the players to head coach is very important in order to achieve success. Plus, the fun and friendly environment they create will make the team intact and solid every game.

Finally, as an assistant coach, Keith Mckittrick always make it a way to improve his skills and knowledge to further help the team. He is not contented on what he already acquired, instead look more for ways on how he can help himself to be a better coach. Given that there would be changes that could happen in the long run, this will enables him to stay on the track no matter what.